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Women's History Month


Elizabeth Garrett Anderson was an English physician and suffragist. She was the first woman to qualify in Britain as a physician and surgeon. She was the co-founder of the first hospital staffed by women, the first dean of a British medical school, the first woman in Britain to be elected to a school board, and, as mayor of Aldeburgh, the first female mayor in Britain.

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Gladys West calculated the Earth's shape for the development of GPS. It was a major accomplishment, and none of us can live without GPS today.



        DR. Angela Davis an American activist and educator who advocated for race, class, gender equality, and prison reform.



        Historian, author, educator, sociologist, speaker,   and activist, Anna J. Cooper, is the first black women to receive a Ph. D. from the Sorbonne University. 



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Mary McLeod Bethune        

      “Invest in the human soul. Who knows, it might be a diamond in the rough.”


        Dr. Jewel Plummer Cobb was the first African American female president of California State University. She was an American biologist, cancer researcher, professor, dean, and academic administrator.



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Before 1972, women did not have equal educational opportunities. Today more than 60% of college degrees are earned by women!



Fun Fact! Wyoming would not agree to become part of the United States unless women were allowed the right to vote!



Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a professor at Rutgers University Law School and Columbia University. In the 1970s, she became the director of the Women's Rights Project of the American Civil Liberties Union. In 1993, she was appointed as the U.S. Supreme Court Justice

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