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Dr. Ruth's Published Books

Hoodless Klan

        Based on true events, this book is a charter school principal's struggle against a powerful group of affluent racists, determined to negatively impact the lives of minority children, parents, and teachers. When the principal thwarted their bully tactics, they enlisted help from her superiors to end her career. The "concerned citizens" employed powerful persons in the community and on the school board to fire the principal, but in the end, she and her faithful husband and her lawyer prevailed. 



Anonymous School and Central Office Administrator

In 2012 it is most unfortunate that successful African American educators who want to make a difference for children, especially children of color, are still being treated like slaves on the plantation. What's the real agenda behind charter schools? Is it excellence for all, opportunities for some or the overall destruction of the public school system? ...hmmm.

Anonymous Teacher

I laughed at Dr. Baskerville's sense of humor while writing this book. I also cried, realizing that the main character was attacked, from the day she stepped foot in Pinewood Elementary doors, to her final exit. None would have guessed how many obstacles one person could face in a workplace. I'm sure many can relate to your story!

RuthAnn Buchweitz - Education Specialist, Israel

I have not been able to put down The Hoodless Klan. The writing is wonderful; I can hear your voice coming through the pages. The "story" is unbelievable, but I believe every word. After about 50 pages, I thought, "This is not �vero similitud�; this is truth, and it really happened to Ruth. You have written a masterful piece of literature, albeit a memoir cloaked as a novel. I saw firsthand an unfortunate truth that runs as a �leit motif� throughout The Hoodless Klan: good principals commit an inordinate amount of time, energy, thought, emotion, money, etc. to their schools, their staff, their students, and the parents, and only a few of the recipients recognize, appreciate, or acknowledge it.

Georgetta Merritt Campbell, Ed. D. - Author

It is unfortunate that intelligent, articulate, passionate, African-American educators are prevented from doing what they have successfully done so well...raise the bar for all children. The children of color reach as high as all children should when taught and treated exactly the same. Excellence does not come from being treated otherwise.

P. Jackson - Founder and Executive Director of Young Voices With New Visions

HOODLESS CLAN provides a jaw dropping view into the good, the bad, and the ugly of a fictionalized American Charter School phenomenon through a powerfully astute administrative lens.

Joseph W. Jenkins, MBA  - President Surry County African American Heritage Society of VA

It's sad how, despite the gains made in our country, through the loss of blood and lives, ignorance and hatred rooted in skin color still infects so many people. This speaks volumes about the failure of our various institutions and our culture.

Karen Johnson - Principal, NJ

I pity the entire Pine Woods school community for their shallow views and inability to embrace a principal that held the best interest of students and learning as the top priority. It is beyond comprehension that race and creed are issues in the 21st Century. Sadly enough, the ultimate losers are students who had so much to gain from a wise and experienced administrator. The selfish school community is a disgrace.

Elizabeth Leppert - Retired Educator, Curriculum Specialist

Every school is its own metropolis with a unique culture and climate, which the general public seldom realizes. Sadly, Dr. Baskerville exposes that racism is alive and well in the hollowed halls of our educational institutions. A must read for a concerned public!

Marshan Mason-Gainer - Transition Team, Paterson Public Schools, Organizational Development Specialist

Reading Hoodless Klan, I am at times transported back to settings I know and experienced...and I get angry and sad as I "re-live" some experiences through Dr. Grace Middleton. Almost makes me want to get out of retirement and back into the fray! Someone had to write this book. Good for you, Ruth!

Dr. Juanita Patience Moss - NJ Colleague, Educator, Author, Griot

Dr. Grace Middleton had the necessary credentials for the job as a charter school principal, but how long could she survive where she was not wanted? Filled with great expectations, she had accepted the position only to find lying in wait, bigotry and racism. For four years she tried to fight what she called white collar thugs, but could not win the battle. This story containing so much truth makes us weep. May this book stimulate courage in others, knowing Dr. Middleton is a survivor.

Lillian Nails - Retired teacher

Welllllllll, I HAVE FINISHED YOUR INSPIRING BOOK and all I can say is " Thanks to God - you obeyed the Holy Spirit and walked away from such an 80% evil - spirited people and situation, and didn't try to fight "being right". The fight was not yours, you know. Even though you did many wonderful things for sooooo many people, many did not appreciate it. Just know that you were true to the truth and won ANYWAY. My heart went out to the "mislead" ones in prayer. As a believer, I truly pray that many, if not all of those underhanded souls repent. I hope you have forgiven them and that you are free in spirit.

Shiffra Perlmutter- Retired Educator

A compelling story of faith and hope against overwhelming evil in a community unwilling to accept change. A must read!

Sandra Dunn Robertson - Yale Law '88

Hoodless Klan will challenge your thinking about the limits of education law today as they intersect with the civil rights of students, teachers, administrators, and it will touch your heart too. A great read.

Philip Sheridan - Former Colleague, Retired Educator

I am glad that this book is out and that I have a copy. Ruth was a dynamic colleague at Orange High School, had a great husband, and a smiling daughter. Best Wishes with the book -- move on to the next one.

Harriet Steele - University Professor

HOODLESS KLAN is an easily read narrative. Great imagery and much attention to detail. It is a blueprint for the making of an ideal school/community relationship - complete with the termites for its eventual destruction, from foundation to infrastructure. Great fodder for book clubs, sororities and all persons & parties interested in the life blood of humanity - public education.

Charlotte Nindl Wellins- Transition Team, Paterson Public Schools, Organizational Development Specialist

Reading Hoodless Klan, I am at times transported back to settings I know and experienced...and I get angry and sad as I "re-live" some experiences through Dr. Grace Middleton. Almost makes me want to get out of retirement and back into the fray! Someone had to write this book. Good for you, Ruth!

Finding Humor in Grief

        This is a very sad and very funny true story of how Dr. Ruth learned to push past the grief of losing her husband of 45 years. It's also her spiritual journey to draw closer to God, while finding the new normal for daily living. Dr. Ruth learned through as much laughter as sorrow that life does go on for those who choose to live and not despair.

finding humor in grief.jpg


Alicia L. Lankford, MS, MBA

There's a thin line between sadness and madness. Some call it humor. Finding Humor in Grief reminds us that the ultimate fragility of life does not have to be frailty's defining moment. This book is an invitation to follow one Christian woman's emotional journey as she discovers that laughter is key to the proverbial tunnel in which the light shines at the end. Dr. Baskerville's heart-felt tribute to a love that endured half a century is tenderly transparent and readily relatable. The mirror she provides gives the reader opportunity to reflect, not on the morbidity of death, but on the beauty of life.

Norma Nindl

I can't put down your book! It's like eating popcorn once you start, you can't stop. I went through the things Dr. Ruth did, but she is fortunate enough to have the skills and passion to write it.

Pastor Mary Pitts - Founder store front window Women Inspirational Network

Your story is healing, love and joy for the soul. Thank you for being who God called you to be.

Rev. Melinda Plumley, MDiv, BCC - Chaplain/Supervisor of Spiritual Care Department | Dr. Phillips Hospital

I was so caught up in your story that I read the whole thing in one sitting, engrossed. Your writing style is like resting in a comfy chair --- the words surrounded me, the images were so vibrant. WOW. I loved the way you weaved themes through the book, like a spider weaving a web from the center, going out to branch, back to the center, and then on to the next branch. You made me laugh ... and cry tonight.  THANK YOU!

Dr. Loretta Osakwe

Certainly, I found Dr. Ruth's book "Finding Humor in Grief" inspiring, informative, illuminating, uplifting and hilarious. Congratulations, Dr. Ruth Baskerville for writing this helpful book and fascinating read. Hence, I've begun to read Dr. Ruth's second book, "Hoodless Klan." Best wishes for continued success.

Sherri Rabinowitz

Dr. Ruth's book, Finding Humor in Grief was a very interesting but difficult book for me to read. After my Dad died there was little to laugh at. I found myself watching a lot of reality tv for the first time ever and as I think back I think it was because they had more problems then we did, or at least that is how it seemed. It is true that laughter brings back to you life after a deep loss and she pointed the way in a very gentle and compelling way. An excellent read.

Elisabeth Rushing - Friend and neighbor

My sweet friend, I couldn't put it down!!! I just finished FINDING HUMOR IN GRIEF a few minutes ago. I cried & laughed all the way through it with you. Thank you for sharing wonderful memories of your 'Darling Forever' with me! I love you, dear friend!

Eileen Shafer - Deputy Superintendent, Paterson Public Schools

I enjoyed the book. It was so you and read like a love story in death. Based on your book, you have come a long way, baby. Keep doing what you are doing and always remember Waverley is watching over you and walking by your side. He loved you so very much. You have found your calling in retirement.

Dr. Margaret Timmons - Retired Language Arts Specialist, friend

I enjoyed the book. It was so you and read like a love story in death. Based on your book, you have come a long way, baby. Keep doing what you are doing and always remember Waverley is watching over you and walking by your side. He loved you so very much. You have found your calling in retirement.

Sonja Purdie Young

I'm enjoying reading your book so very much!! You write just like you talk; I feel like I'm having a conversation with you!! We have much to discuss because our lives really are very similar. God bless you!

Dr. Ruth Baskerville - The author

I am absolutely humbled by receiving so many kind wishes on FB and via email and text, after I received a FAPA Gold Medal for FINDING HUMOR IN GRIEF. Since I can't have Waverly by my side, I feel a calm peace whenever I get to share our love story. Thank you all so much for loving me. All future orders of this book will have that shiny gold winner's seal on the cover, along with my personalized message and signature.

Theresa Bornstein Former student

Your book helped me get thought some real hard times. Not only for losing my Pebbles, but also some of my PTSD. U don't fully know how much you have been a blessing in my life and I thank God for you. May God always keep you blessed and his angels to continue to guide you on your journey in life. I love you and r so proud to call u a friend. B Blessed.

Katherine Burns-Caldwell

AWSOME GOD, AWESOME YOU, & AWESOME BOOK!! You sooooo DESERVE ALL the accolades, and that "calm peace" you speak of actually transfers & permeates FB!! YOU are a BLESSING personified, and I'm sure your Waverly is right by your side smiling. LOVE YA and "Thank YOU"!!

Roz Cohen - Retired administrator, friend

I completed your book, and I laughed and cried throughout the book. As an exercise "freak" I giggled throughout that chapter. But more than anything, I am so taken back by the many volunteer groups you are not only involved in but take tremendous responsibility for. You are such an inspiration!

Angela D. Day - Friend

I'm having a tough time putting your book down. You and Waverly come to my mind daily. My heart hurt for you, yet I laugh with you so often while reading your book.

Malessa Devlin

I'm over half way through your book and have never laughed and cried so much in my life! What a beautiful reality you share the most beautiful part of all is the love you shared with Waverly. How incredible!

Dr. Gwendolyn Goldsby-Grant - Author, Therapist, Writer, Columnist

I am so proud of your adventurous spirit: Dealing with tragedy and turning it into triumph. In psychology it is called "sublimation." Finding a way to take control of crisis and not allowing it to control you is a very healthy paradigm. Finding Humor in Grief is groundbreaking. Remember, an old lady said, after my dad's funeral, We had a good time I responded, We celebrate life, not death. The joy of living is more important than death. Congratulations on your success.

Dr. Loretta Faith Harris - Founder CH Publishing

There is laughter after pain and sun shine after the rain. Dr. Ruth's book, Finding Humor in Grief will ignite the healing process after life's tragedy and encourage you to laugh again. There is such a unique craft to Dr. Ruth's writing! She pulls you into the experiences from the beginning to end. You will learn how to reflect on the good times and smile in the midst of the tough times. Finding Humor in Grief is a household book that all reader can relate to.

Gaye Johnson - Retired educator, administrator, friend

Well, I have to sit next to a box of tissues as I read your book. I alternate between tears because of poignant memories to tears of laughter. So good.

Reverend Michael Kimbrough - City of Life Ministries

Sometimes, God puts us in the crucible of life to shape us for His glory. Dr. Ruth has gone through the pains of grieving, and come out as pure gold, ready to serve. God gets the glory from the relationship He formed in Heaven between Waverly Lee and Dr. Ruth Baskerville.

Beauty for Ashes:
Mourning to Morning

        After being a widow for four years, there appeared four men in Dr. Ruth's life wanting to court her favor, but since she married at 19, she hardly knew how to maneuver within the world of dating. Some stories recounted here seem incredulous, but all are true and most are hilarious. Then there's God's increasing presence in Dr. Ruth's daily life.

Beauty for Ashes Front Cover.png


“Your book is an inspiration and a joy to narrate. I feel your humor and as it helps me to reflect upon my own grief, while preparing for what is to come.  I am grateful that you allowed me to read it and I am honored that you allowed God to speak to me, through your words.  Thanks Dr. Ruth.”Much love, from Evangelist Angie BEE, Author, Producer, Promoter and Servant of the Lord

“You are an excellent writer. You really know how to add details that make it seem as if I was there watching this movie unfold. Just a thought,! :-) I am already waiting for the next book. MayGod continue to bless you.” Sincerely Dr. Jevonne Bradley

“I just loved your book. I laughed and cried. It was just precious. I wasn't sure how the story about your brother and you going to that church fit in, but as I continued reading it was clear that weface spiritual warfare. I know everyone that reads this book will find it an easy read and will love it as much as I did.” Karen Bush, TransLife friend

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK, GREAT READ!! "Thanks" for my new laughter& "ah hah" moments throughout...I now realize the missing ingredient inmy grieving/healing process in my daughters death is simply not only finding but CAPTURING the humor & ALLOWING the pain to be a "stepping stool" to your next level on this journey we call life...ULTIMATELY LOOK FOR GOD IN EVERYTHING! Katherine Burns-Caldwell

“Just finished reading my sister's third book "Beauty for Ashes". What a great testament to finding peace and real happiness from the loss of her soul mate of 44 years, and a brother in law whom I too loved very much. Best of all, I felt the presence of God working through her on just about every page. May it bring some peace to all those who may be suffering with the loss of someone they loved deeply! I'm proud of my big sister Dr. Ruth Ruth Baskerville.” Brother Bob Cheatham

The way you write, who you are, the way you live, are all apart of the garden of life you lived with Waverly. That's why he will forever be with you. Actually, the never-ending inspiration to write is deeply rooted in that relationship. A loving relationship is a brain-imprint that keeps opening new doors inside of us. Every word you write is flower-petal in that "beautiful bouquet" from Waverly to you. Death does not end love. Jesus proved that; He took the power out of death and replaced it with everlasting life. I love your title: BEAUTY FOR ASHES. It reminds me of the late Dr. Robert Schuller's book title: TURNING HURTS INTO HALOS. In psychology it's called "sublimation:" A productive defense mechanism that helps us to turn painful events into progress and empowerment. That is exactly what you are doing. Dr. Gwendolyn Goldsby, Grant

“In Beauty for Ashes, that handsome, skinny soccer player is still walking through the "campus" of our minds and hearts. You invited the reader to take the journey with you and it is a delightful "love never ends" story. What I like about your love story is the fact that you are having the last word, not death. The Bible assures us that love is more powerful than death--and you are a living, loving, walking testimony. Your writing is also good "narrative  therapy." So many will benefit from your work. Proverbs 17:22tells us that "a merry heart doeth good like a medicine. Humor is a strong intervention tool that has been overlooked in grief therapy and you are its pioneer. Congrats.” Dr. Gwendolyn Goldsby-Grant, Author, Therapist, Writer, Columnist

BEAUTY FOR ASHES is a humorous yet compassionate read that mirrors life in all its quirky complexities. Once again, Baskerville's writing tackles the inevitable tangles of life while offering a gentle hand to guide the way. Kudos for the book and to an author who bravely pratfalls on the pages, giving us permission to laugh through our pain. Danita Rountree Green, Author of Grandmothers Gift of Memories

You are so funny Ruth.  This may be the best book yet , only widows will be wondering how you attracted men so quickly! Shelly Leppert, dear friend

“Hello, Grams!
Your words always touch my heart! Your life is basically a storybook, and we're all characters.” 
Love, Jalyn Ruth (granddaughter)

Simmy and I opened the box and immediately each took a book from the box.  We began to read and could not put the book down.  The book flows, easy, conversational feeling as you read. I felt as though you and I were just sitting down and catching up on the last few years. I read over half the book, and forgot to e-mail you to let you know we received the books. Dr. Margaret Timmons, friend and former colleague

I love BEAUTY FOR ASHES!  As I mentioned to you earlier, this read has a different flavor than FINDING HUMOR IN GRIEF!  !It’s so obvious that God has taken you higher in Him which is very encouraging! Sonja Purdee Young

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